Be Smart, Protect Your Legacy, Write Your Will

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Let’s talk about death Death is definitely a strange topic to talk about. Most people do not want to face the idea that they will one day, sadly, pass away. For many, the pain of losing a loved one on the past means that they will happily avoid talking

The Big Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Out As a Forex Trader

The idea of starting out as a Forex trader is exciting for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and boost their earnings. Indeed, the fact that this can now be carried out online from anywhere in the world makes it even more tempting than ever before. However, in

Scalpers and the Good Brokers

The main purpose of buying and selling of share is making a profit. Rarely or big investor relay on the dividend. Most of the people earn a profit by buying at a low price and selling at a high price. People who enter share market for the purpose of

How to Take your Project Management Game to the Next Level

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Did you know that only 2.5% of companies successfully complete their projects? The reasons behind this surprising and slightly discouraging statistic are numerous.One of the most important ones is probably the fact that more than 75% of IT executives believe the projects they are working on are doomed from

Should I Save or Pay Off Debt?

The question of whether to save or to pay debt is an important one to a smart investor. We all have more financial objectives than cash to save. Often, deciding what to do with extra money can be a challenge. While the cost of debt can be prohibitively high,

The Multiple Lives of a Stock Trader

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In the same way as trading markets go up and down, traders experience different times in their trading careers. These often have to do with the level of experience of the trader, but are sometimes simply linked to the market. Regardless of whether a trader trades full time or

How to Take Control of Your Money & Form Better Habits

Effectively managing your personal finances has a lot to do with discipline and forming the right habits. Life is all about the habits we form and live by, from your morning routine even to how you interact with others. When it comes to handling money, the same is true.

Alternatives to Traditional Mortgages for Real Estate Investors

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While traditionally real estate investors have relied on banks to fund their empire, standard mortgages do come with a range of limitations. Whether it’s the bank-set lending requirements, limitations on LTV rates or a lack of flexibility in “special” purchases many real estate investors have to consider alternatives sooner

How to Read a Business’s Image Like a Book

When it comes to judging a business at first glance, every little detail matters. Small stylistic choices can say a lot about a business in terms of their level of professionalism, their protocol, and even their priorities. Many business owners overlook just how much their image says about them,

Getting What You Need-Helping Hand For The Leaders

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A good advice is required for every successful business. Effective leaders know how to keep their limits and the isolation associated with being at the top of the corporate ladder. Overconfidence has however deterred the will by the leaders to seek any advice from the outside. This has brought