38% of UK adults understand the term ‘inflation’

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The UK is in the midst of a financial knowledge gap, with just 38% of UK adults understanding the term ‘inflation’ according to a study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The recent study places the UK behind Estonia, Latvia and 12 other nations in terms

Commercial mortgage versus residential mortgage

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If your home and work lives seem to blur into one, it can be difficult to decide what kind of mortgage you need. Here, the team at Glenhawk.com talk you through the purposes and benefits of both commercial and residential mortgages. For self-employed people, the mortgage market is a

4 Major Benefits of Investing in a Web Filter

You probably already know what a web filter does – in case you don’t, it’s a program designed to block certain websites. You might associate it with parental controls, but the truth is that investing in web filtering software can really benefit your business. Here are just four reasons

How To Save Money In Your Home By Going Eco-Friendly

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Being eco-friendly is first and foremost about your carbon impact on the world we live in, but it can also have a great financial effect too. Being smart with how you use your gas and electricity, making your home more efficient and helping out the environment is a great

UK Personal Pensions: How Much Is The Population Saving?

UK fintech organization, True Potential Investor has explored how the UK is preparing for retirement and contributing each month towards their personal pension. All their interesting findings have been packed into the infographic below. Have a browse for yourself!

4 Steps to Improve IT Security When Staff Work Remotely

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Giving your employees the option to work remotely is great on both ends. Employees love being able to stay home instead of tackling the commute, and employers enjoy cutting down on office costs and sourcing talent from all across the country. Of course, IT security can sometimes suffer when

How Is Loyalty Changing The Way Consumers Shop?

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The most crucial step to make a business successful is customer loyalty, irrespectively of the business’ size. All business owners know that it’s always better to retain existing customers, while chasing new ones, instead focusing on only acquiring new ones. But loyalty is not a single step, and is

HOA stands for Homeowner’s Association

In highly populated areas of the developed world, a large proportion of society live in condominiums, apartments or tower blocks. Such structures are part of the sky lines in cities such as New York, Paris and London and they are increasingly popular. Since such structures house a large amount

Be Smart, Protect Your Legacy, Write Your Will

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Let’s talk about death Death is definitely a strange topic to talk about. Most people do not want to face the idea that they will one day, sadly, pass away. For many, the pain of losing a loved one on the past means that they will happily avoid talking

The Big Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Out As a Forex Trader

The idea of starting out as a Forex trader is exciting for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and boost their earnings. Indeed, the fact that this can now be carried out online from anywhere in the world makes it even more tempting than ever before. However, in