How Is Loyalty Changing The Way Consumers Shop?

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The most crucial step to make a business successful is customer loyalty, irrespectively of the business’ size. All business owners know that it’s always better to retain existing customers, while chasing new ones, instead focusing on only acquiring new ones. But loyalty is not a single step, and is thus, built over years through multiple small processes.

Nowadays, with cutting-edge technologies and new industries, the competition is more ferocious than ever. Given that customers have a wide choice, they expect higher level of customer service, good prices and top-notch products. As per experts, by 2020, customer experience will overtake all other aspects and will be the sole motivator for customer loyalty to a brand. It is not surprising that customers settle for another brand after having a bad experience. There is a consumption pattern which shows that customers purchase only from businesses which provide authentic and reliable products.

Many businesses encourage customers to go back to them by loyalty schemes. For instance, Tesco was one of the first brands to introduce the ‘Club Card’ to thank its customers for their constant faithfulness. Other brands have settled for the same trend and give loyalty cards as it boosts customers to come back, and gain some benefits. In fact, loyalty privileges are said to upsurge overall income by 5% to 10%.

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The burst of social media platforms has also changed customer’s loyalty approach. More than half of Twitter users engage with a brand, through this channel. Customers indeed make use of YouTube and Facebook to check the reviews before using the brand. And this is why, almost all brands are creating their pages both online and on social media platform, to keep customers updated about new or existing services.

As new developments are being made in the technological aspect, the more customer loyalty is changing. It is true that some brands which have been on the top for years will maintain their position, but it is highly probable that other brands will be as good as the top ones. The main tool to understand customer loyalty is to analyse the trends in this fast-changing environment, and focus on customer behaviour and their purchasing powers.

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