How to finance and Audi

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Why choose an Audi?

Audis certainly have a distinctive sense of style, the build quality is excellent, years of rallying experience have developed impressive quattro four-wheel drive transmissions, and the first-rate materials used in their construction are the envy of many in the motor industry.

Engine-wise, Audis come from the same stable as the VW, but expect to pay around 10% more for the prestige of owning an Audi. You’re likely to find that the extra is well worth the money.

And with specialist Audi car finance readily available, the means of owning such a prized specimen is likely to be well within your grasp. So, if you are a first-time buyer, you can definitely consider making the purchase without thinking twice. Even if you are someone who is on the lookout for a pre-owned Audi, then this finance can make it easier for you to go through the process. All you would need to do is choose a model–a handful of them can be browsed at Hilton Garage, an online audi leicester dealership. Once you are done with this, talk to specialists that offer finance for Audi cars. Upon getting approval on the funds, the process of purchasing would be expedited. If you are lucky, you would be able to see the car in your garage within just a few days without undergoing any hassle.

The Audi range

There is a wide range of new Audis to choose from – starting with the entry-level A1, executive saloons in the A4, A6, A7 and A8 categories, SUVs Q2 to Q8, right up to the super-sports, high-performance R8.

New prices are subject to a degree of negotiation with your chosen dealer, of course, and discounts are available. UK Car Discount, for example, is currently offering cars in the A1 range at prices from 16,442 to 26,141, various A5 models from 28,848 to 47,140, and A7s from 49,006 to 64,796.

But perhaps you want to go for the truly top-end performance of the super-sports R8? With its massive 5.2-litre V10 the R8 certainly packs a punch – and has the thoroughbred appearance to back it up. A recent review by Top Gear magazine claims that the revamped 2019 R8 can go toe to toe with the McLaren 570S – truly a prestige supercar.

And, highly desirable super-sports cars, of course, do not come especially cheap – the new R8 is currently selling for between 119,085 and 147,765.

Wherever in the wide Audi range of cars you make your pick, however, you also have the comfort of knowing that this is a marque that holds its price particularly well. A brief scan of the used Audi prices in Parkers Guide may give a clue to just how well they hold up.

Audi car finance

Whether you are buying a new or used Audi, therefore, the chances are that you need some form of car finance.

There are a number of methods from which to choose:

Hire purchase

  • familiar to most people, hire purchase requires an initial deposit – typically of around 10% of the purchase price – followed by equal monthly repayments;
  • for a cheaper monthly repayment, you might want to choose a hire purchase agreement that defers until the very last instalment a larger “balloon” payment;
  • remember that ownership of the vehicle does not formally transfer to you until the final payment has been made;

Lease purchase

  • if you want to delay the major repayment until the very end of a three to five-year agreement, you might want to consider lease purchase;
  • here, you are paying a monthly lease or rental fee and only pay the balance to complete the purchase – at a previously agreed Guaranteed Minimum Value at the end of the agreement;
  • an initial deposit – typically based on the equivalent of two or three monthly rental payments – is usually required;

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

  • Personal Contract Purchases (PCPs) allow you to keep your options completely open;
  • you may pay a deposit, make equal monthly repayment instalments and save the final payment of a Guaranteed Minimum Value at the end of the agreement to complete the purchase – or simply hand back the car to the finance company, with nothing further to pay;
  • alternatively, you may sell or part exchange the car and use the equity you own as a deposit for another new Audi – or any other car.

Fortunately, therefore, there are many forms of credit from which you may choose for the purchase of your new or used Audi.