Welcome to Raspberry Finance, the home of the best finance and business advice in the UK.

Raspberry Finance was a concept first dreamt of seven years ago between two brothers who both excelled at maths and went on to study business finance in university.

We’re two peas in a pod and have been inseparable ever since were about three years old, having grown up together, studied together and even shared a girlfriend at one point (we were six years old, OK) we’re the best friends and brothers either of us could wish for.

Raspberry Finance started many years ago when we discovered that many of our peers, who weren’t studying business or finance, understood the world we were so vastly invested in. from their own personal debt to understand interest rates and working out how to secure a moorage, a lot of them were simply clueless because this kind of thing is never taught in school or the entire education system.

Raspberry Finance wanted to buck the trend advice & data which doesn’t make sense and transform it into something which is easy to read, digestible and ultimately really helpful!

After years of working for big finance companies in London, dealing with stocks and shares and investments for foreign customers, we finally decided to venture on our own and set up Raspberry Finance LTD, an independent financial advice company based in Kent.

We understand that to others this work could be incredibly dull but for us, both its what we love and so we enjoy it immensely.

We like to showcase an array of articles on Raspberry Finance; from tips on how to deal with debt to understanding the banks and breaking down which energy supplier is the best, we do our best to help you.

Life at Raspberry Finance is incredibly busy so therefore it can sometimes be hard to keep up to date with this website and regularly update it with the latest finance news. This means that we regularly welcome guest bloggers to contribute to Raspberry Finance. If you are a bit of a finance geek, have a story you’d like to share or simply have some tips and advice for our readers, then why not get in touch today. Simply click here, ensure you follow our guest post guidelines and submit your post.

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Please note that as a finance-focused blog, some of the advice we give will be advisory and should not be taken as bible. We always encourage our readers to apply the advice to their own personal situation and assess its feasibility before committing to anything!