5 Common Property Mistakes to Avoid When Selling your House Online

There rise of the online market place has had a significant effect on the property market in the UK. In fact, both buyers and sellers are taking their quest to buy and sell property online with many prospective property buyers beginning their search for houses online.

This may be attributed to the fact the online option like ReadySteadySell allows for valuation and sale, a quick sale albeit with a low estate agent fees compared to their high street counterparts. Generally, the online process is often satisfactory.

Even then, sometimes things could go wrong especially if you do not understand how the online space operates especially in terms of putting up the listings. Remember, unlike dealing with the high street agents that requires visits to surveyors and constant calls from the offices. Here are five mistakes that you must avoid when selling your home online:

  • Not listing on all the major property sites

Estate agents have an online property portal, OntheMarketthat is designed to capture the digital market for house and specifically targeting Rightmove and Zoopla. However, if agents sign up on OntheMarket the properties can go on either of the two but not both. Although Zoopla is one of the best options, it does not compare to Rightmove that is much more preferred. Therefore, you need to tread carefully when making the decision on where you will have your listing posted.

  • Using bad photos

Most people make this common mistake. It is important to ensure that your property looks good in photos. Therefore, you must ensure that the photos are sharp. In addition, you also must invest in getting the right arrangement commonly referred to as staging. Remember, a simple arrangement of furniture will create a vibrant and interesting workspace while also showing the home in its best light. Photos taken in a room with poor lighting and composition will show a constricted, clumsy and cluttered home that will instantly kill the chances of securing a quick house sale. If you do not have the finances to pay a professional photographer, you may consider taking to a friend who is skilled in photography to take the photos for you.

  • Not being flexible with the property viewings

It is only after viewing your property that prospective buyers will reach a decision to purchase your house. Therefore, once your property is listed you should expect a flurry of interest from prospective buyers. This is usually followed by viewings therefore, you need to avail yourself. Thus, when engaging the estate agent you need to determine if they will conduct the viewings or you will have to do it yourself thereby being able to save some money in agent fees. However, you need to keep in mind that by opting to carry out the viewings you will need to find a space between your life/work diary. On the other hand, some buyers will find it strange if an estate agent is not present during viewings.

  • Not having enough options

Although estate agents offer a variety of customizable options for sellers, this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage in the sense that they might have restricted your chances too much. For instance, you may have a home that needs at least six months to sell and you have only paid the estate agent for a three-month contract. In some cases, you may not have paid the agent for viewings and owing to the circumstances that you are not able to control you suddenly find it difficult to carry out the viewings thereby missing out on potential visits. You may also be missing the chance to look at other, equally suitable options for selling such as approaching a cash-buyer or an auctioneer (such as those at https://connectukauctions.co.uk/) to find comparable or even better prices for the house.

  • Failure to leverage social media

Social media is a free platform where you can sell your house. You can leverage sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others to reach out to a wide market. Even then, this should be preceded by the creation of your listing complete with professional pictures and adequate and compelling description of the property. By promoting your property on social media, you can be sure to have a wide reach through your network of family and friends. The advantage of social media is that you can engage prospective buyers, answer questions and arrange for viewings conveniently.

Selling your home online requires concerted efforts that will push your property to prospective buyers so that you have a great presentation and a successful sale within a short time.

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