4 Major Benefits of Investing in a Web Filter

You probably already know what a web filter does – in case you don’t, it’s a program designed to block certain websites. You might associate it with parental controls, but the truth is that investing in web filtering software can really benefit your business.

Here are just four reasons why.

  1. Upgraded Security

The most immediate benefit of investing in a web filter, and perhaps the most important, is adding another layer of security protection to your network. Human error is a common culprit when it comes to cyber security breaches. If one of your employees decides to use their personal device to visit a site known for malicious activity, they could infect your entire system. The act need not even be deliberate – they may, for example, be lured by a phishing scam. In any case, a web filter will block out that site.

  1. Improved Productivity

The internet has profoundly changed the way we do business, opening up considerable opportunities and allowing people to collaborate on projects from different sides of the globe. However, a web connection is also an invitation to procrastinate. Even if your employees only spend 30 minutes each day wasting time on the internet, that time adds up. Of course, they’ll be less likely to waste time if they know you have a web filter set up – such programs allow you to see exactly where users are spending their online time.

  1. Combat Bandwidth Hogging

Sometimes your internet speed will falter thanks to circumstances beyond your control. However, you’ll often find that those infuriatingly slow connections can be blamed on someone streaming video or using the internet in some other way that consumes all your bandwidth. A web filter lets you see who is using the most.

  1. Limit Liability

Let’s say one of your team chooses to visit an unsavoury website while in the office. If another team member is offended by what they’re viewing, your business could be held liable. Even if you don’t face any fines or legal action, you’ll have helped create an unpleasant working environment by allowing your team access to such sites in the first place.

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