Opportunity will always present itself

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In every profession, there are chances for a good career. Even when you will be maintaining your job decently, there will be a lot of chances to grow your quality of working too. In the case of a day job, it will be mainly in your discipline which will

Home insurance money saving tips

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You have invested a considerable amount of money in your home, so of course you want to ensure that it is fully protected against all kinds of risks and potential disasters.

Beating the Dreaded Business Space Squeeze

Businesses all over the country are feeling the pinch, from rising wholesale prices to soaring office rental costs. Controlling overheads so you can maximise profits is quite a balancing act.

Why compare caravan insurance?

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There is a very quick and good answer to the question asked above. That usually involves a sentiment along the lines of “to find the lowest prices” and you are likely to see lots of internet articles aimed at telling you where to find the cheapest possible cover you

Controlling Your Credit Card Spending

Some people just can’t help spending on their credit cards. Everyone is guilty of bad spending habits sometimes, but credit cards just make it worse. When there’s a thing they just have to buy no matter what, they’re going to buy it. When they have to bet on their

5 ways to get more out of your ISA allowance

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On 6th April the new tax year begins, and with the British traditionally poor at saving money, now is the time to reassess how you can make the most out of your savings. Now it’s time to discover the top 5 ISA tips and make the most of your

How Will Getting Married Affect Your Finances?

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A marriage brings forth profound life changes, including the newfangled financial situation. Namely, spouses have their own spending habits and come to the new household with different assets and liabilities. Learning how to navigate these new realities is the key to preventing finances from giving both of you headaches.

38% of UK adults understand the term ‘inflation’

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The UK is in the midst of a financial knowledge gap, with just 38% of UK adults understanding the term ‘inflation’ according to a study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The recent study places the UK behind Estonia, Latvia and 12 other nations in terms

Commercial mortgage versus residential mortgage

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If your home and work lives seem to blur into one, it can be difficult to decide what kind of mortgage you need. Here, the team at Glenhawk.com talk you through the purposes and benefits of both commercial and residential mortgages. For self-employed people, the mortgage market is a

4 Major Benefits of Investing in a Web Filter

You probably already know what a web filter does – in case you don’t, it’s a program designed to block certain websites. You might associate it with parental controls, but the truth is that investing in web filtering software can really benefit your business. Here are just four reasons