Can Tech Save You Money?

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The 21st century has heralded the dawn of the genuine digital age, with many aspects of our lives being dominated by computer operated systems. Taking things one step further, wireless capability has advanced things in all areas of life to a great degree. High-speed broadband is available just about everywhere, and has many more purposes than simply accessing the internet. Put it this way: with the right equipment, a broadband connection, and a smartphone, you can control – from wherever you may be – the heating system on your home, as well as security systems and many other wirelessly activated gadgets or systems. It’s the future, and it’s right here, right now.

Alexa vs. Google

One of the biggest areas in which tech has come to the fore is that of the world of music, and how we actually play it. Even the CD is in decline now as streaming becomes the method of choice, and recently two of the biggest online players – Amazon and Google – have gone head to head with clever devices that take wireless capability to a new level. We are talking about Amazon Alexa and Google Home, two systems billed as home automation services or digital personal assistants, and they are very clever indeed.

Both of these devices take the form of a stand-alone speaker that can be activated by voice commands; they can be used to stream music, video and more to relevant devices around the home, and they are rapidly becoming more popular. Think of them as a home hub, the sort of central control system you see in sci-fi films depicting the not too distant future, and you get the picture. It’s fair to say, however, that the majority of users of these systems will be gadget lovers, and they will hardly touch the surface of what they are capable of. But are they money-savers? They could be, but in general, that’s not really the purpose.

A Real Money-Saver

If you are looking for real money-saving ideas around the home, have a look at your central heating system. The chances are you will have one of the modern boilers that deliver water on-demand, and while these are surprisingly efficient, they can be made more so. We are talking about wireless thermostats, which are among the most impressive of the gadgets that the wireless age has brought into being. These neat and very clever devices work via your broadband connection and deliver messages wirelessly to a control unit on your boiler. This means they can be instructed to turn the heating on or off, change the temperature, even set different levels, from wherever you are, at any time.

You can check out the many different models of wireless thermostats at, a great site offering details and reviews of household goods, travel items, gadgets and more, all with full information including pros and cons, and an idea of what you can expect to pay. Have a look now, and see how a small investment can result in genuine cost savings on your energy bills.

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